I am living proof.

Breakthrough Fasting - Before and After

See that before picture? That's me at my cousins wedding three years ago. It's the only picture I have of myself from that time because I had become an expert at dodging cameras. I was lucky I even found this one but I'm glad I did because I want to prove to you that I know what it's like to struggle with weight.

I want to prove to you that no matter how hopeless you feel, no matter how hard you've tried and no matter how many times you think you've failed, it's possible to turn it all around. And FAST.

I want to be your hope. Because I know what it feels like to not have any. I also know for a fact that transformation happens. I am living proof.


Not even you!

On a deep level you know this to be true. You know there is SO MUCH MORE to life than obsessing over calories, fat grams, carbs or whatever else the diet industry has deemed as a ‘no no’ that week.

You intuitively know that there is an unlimited supply of natural vitality available to you and that’s why you’ve set out on a quest to find a lasting solution.

You want to live the life you know you were meant to live– the life you know is waiting for you if you just had more energy, could get a handle on this weight problem and live in a body that truly supports you.

Let this be known: No matter what you believe or have been told your problem is– slow metabolism, genetics, hormones or irregular glandular functions… no one was born to be over tired and overweight. Not even you!


Each year, millions of people attempt to take control of their weight and health. And each year millions of people fail because…

Because no matter how hard they’ve tried, they haven’t addressed the root of their problem. . . TOXICITY.

Chances are that if you've found this site, you're well aware that the modern world is chock full of junk that was never meant to be there in the first place. We'll make this quick because I want to get to the part where we turn it all around.

So, just a few fun facts:

  • Over 70,000 Chemicals Are Used Commercially Today…
  • More Than 4 Billion Pounds Of Toxic Chemicals Are Released Into The Environment Each Year…. 4 Billion Pounds!!! Think about how big a number that is!
  • Not to mention the fact that 72 Million Of Those Are Known Carcinogens (Cancer Causing Agents)…
Kate West - Author

Kate West
Author & Founder

Kate West is an actress and writer who 'moonlights' as a cleanse coach and specialist in transforming food issues. After a ten year battle with her body, she discovered what she never thought she would-- the key to turning it all around. It wasn't in any diet book or weight loss program, it was inside of her all along. She learned a way to flip the switch on her body's own perfection mechanism and to leave her weight struggles behind once and for all. Not only did she lose over 60lbs. but her joy for life returned. She got back into acting and began booking jobs. In other words, her life returned.

Kate founded Breakthrough Fasting when she learned others were also looking for the same answers. People all over the world were looking to leave their weight struggles behind and get on with their life passion.

If you're ready to be in charge of your body and your life, you're in the right place. Transformation happens! You could be next!

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What does this have to do with you?


Breakthrough Fasting - Overweight

These man-made substances were never meant to enter our bodies!

But no matter how had we try to live a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that they enter our systems at an alarming rate.

In fact, some studies show that on any given day you can count on 30,000 foreign substances entering your body. Now that’s a lot to process even for our exquisitely designed bodies! And as you will soon discover, they’re at the very root of your weight and health woes!

Kate West - Juices with Quote

Learn what it took me ten years to learn…


I wrote Breakthrough Fasting to pass on to you the tools, tricks and techniques that took me almost a decade to compile through trial and error that will allow you to juice fast successfully and get the result you're looking for right from the very start, so you don't have to waste time experimenting on your body like I did. My clients and I were the guinea pigs. And because of that you can go straight to results!

When I mastered cleansing my own body, I began helping others do the same. Breakthrough Fasting is a complete guide and "how to" that shows you those very same results that work vitally every time. You'll learn precisely how I turned around a twenty year war with my body and the experience I gained teaching my clients to do just the same using a technique I call Intelligent Cleansing.


Breakthrough Fasting - What is the Catch

Okay, so there is some fine print. My first juice fast I experienced remarkable results. I literally watched my health transform before my eyes. But I discovered that here's a right way to fast and a wrong way to fast. The right way leads you to the transformation you've been looking for. The wrong way leads you back where you started, sometimes even harming your body in the process.

How did I learn this? Through ten years of trial and error.

Trust me, it's not fun to make all the effort cleanse your body only to find yourself worse off and heavier than you were before. I gained twice as much weight as I had lost after my first fast. Talk about misery! But it was worth it because I learned what not to do and gathered a tools and techniques that enabled me to deal with the common pitfalls cleansers experience and I can now pass that along to you so that you can bypass my mistakes and go straight to your goal. Your vibrant self awaits!



Being thin doesn't have to do with just being clean on the inside. It has to do with a mentality and outlook on food that not only enables you to let go of your food struggle, but to let go of struggle in general. Why not use your fasting or cleansing experience to transform your relationship with food AND yourself!

Breakthrough Fasting - Can they Keep it Off

Breakthrough Fasting includes specific tools you can use to do just this. I know when I was stuck losing and gaining weight, I could never have imagined a life free of that struggle, let alone a life that inspires me daily, where I wouldn't change a thing. A life that I not only love, but a body that has become a non issue. Half of Breakthrough Fasting is devoted to tools and techniques that you can use to make your juice fasting experience as effortless and comfortable as possible, but to also apply to any issue that's keeping you stuck so you can experience the transformation you're looking for.

I used to be conscious of my body in every room (Was I sitting the right way? Does this tent I'm wearing cover my love handles?!) Now my body is the last thing I think about. Because of these techniques I've been able to keep the weight off. I wear what I feel good in.

I recently shot a T.V. ad in a bathing suit. And this is me in a recent photo shoot in my underwear. If you'd have told me I'd be doing this a few years back, I'd have told you you were insane. Surely, you have the wrong girl. But alas, this is my life now.



Say: "It's not my fault that I've tried diet after diet and haven't made progress. I did my best, I just had the wrong information. It's not my fault. I was designed to thrive!" Say it till you believe it. Because it's true.

I intend to take you by the hand and show you how to do just that. THRIVE. I intend to teach you the RIGHT INFORMATION that will enable you to experience just what it feels like to THRIVE. So you no longer have to take my word for it. You'll know it first hand.

My hope is that you'll forget about me because you're so involved in living your most joy filled dynamic life.


Breakthrough Fasting - Ebook
Breakthrough Fasting - Kate West - Door

You don't have to take photo shoots in your skivvies. But, if you you like to understand TRUE (yet much misunderstood) CAUSE of your weight problem and lack of energy and how turn it around quicker than you ever thought possible? If you'd like to leave the weight struggle behind and live your most dynamic life.

Then you are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH! Your vibrant self is waiting for you on the other side of this door. It's up to you to turn the key and walk through. I know you can do it. Because I did!

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Breakthrough Fasting - Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you decide that Breakthrough Fasting is not for you you can keep the ebook and all the bonus material and get a full refund. Don’t delay to read the entire package and start losing up to a pound a day quickly, easily, and effectively!

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P.S. EVERYTHING about this is system designed to enable your success! This book contains every bit of information I use personally myself and with hundreds of clients across the globe. Use the information contained within and you have access to transformational tools that you can use to change your entire life.

P.P.S.One last thing before I go…. Did I forget to mention that Breakthrough Juice Fasting has been know to abolish cellulite!?!? (How could I forget such a crucial detail!) But don’t take my word for it– test it out for yourself!